Amy Reade’s Top Ten Gifts for Readers

Welcome back, Amy Reade! Amy is one of my favorite guests and today she shares her Top Ten Gifts for Readers. Wait’ll you see what’s #1!

Here’s Amy:

Maggie told me to write what moves me for this post. And since the holidays have already kicked into high gear, I thought I’d write something you can use. Something that’ll make gift-giving easier this year for the readers in your life.

Without further ado, what follows is my list of the 2018 edition of the Top Ten Gifts for Readers:

10. 100 Books Scratch-Off Poster. This poster lists 100 iconic and influential pieces of literature. As your favorite reader finishes each one, he or she scratches off the film underneath each book title to reveal a tiny piece of artwork that references the book. $15.00 at Uncommon Goods:

9. Nancy Drew Wrapped Pencil Set. Perfect for your favorite reader OR the sleuth who has everything. It’s a set of 5 no. 2 pencils, each hand-wrapped with pages from a Nancy Drew book. Note: each pencil has been shortened to the width of a Nancy Drew book page, so you’ll be getting pencils that are a bit shorter than regular pencils. A set of 5 pencils is $10.00 at Etsy:

8. Bibliophile by Jane Mount. This is a coffee table book chock full of quizzes, facts about literature, and book recommendations, among other things. Um, if anyone in my family is reading this…you know what to do. Find it for about $19.00 on Amazon:

7. Lit Chat. This is fun for families and a great activity for book groups who might need a month off for something a little lighter! It’s a deck of 50 cards containing 100 questions about literature—favorite characters, what books-turned-movies are good or bad, and lots more. It’s an entertaining conversation starter. Find it for $16.99 at Abrams Books:

6. Rechargeable Book Light. This is a perfect gift for someone who likes to read in bed. The light clamps onto the book and voila! Your reader has an accompaniment for a book he or she just can’t put down. Get it for $29.95 at Barnes & Noble:

5. Book Socks. For the reader who loves to lounge while he or she reads, this is the perfect gift. It gives clear, concise instructions to anyone who may be nearby. I’d love a pair! Find them on Etsy for under $15.00

4. Reading Lamp. Have you always wanted a reading lamp in the shape of an open book? No? Is that because you didn’t know they exist? Well, you’re in luck because they’re a thing and you can get one for less than $35.00 on Amazon!

3. Kindle Unlimited Subscription. For $9.99 per month, this is a great option for the reader who loves ebooks. There are literally (see what I did there?) a million books available on Kindle Unlimited, plus magazines and audiobooks. It auto-renews every month, so just keep in mind how many months you want to pay for and then you’ll have to cancel the subscription. But for 10 bucks a month to keep your favorite reader off the streets, lifetime reading might be a good investment. Here’s the link to subscribe:

2. Bodleian Library Treasures. The Bodleian Library was founded at Oxford University in 1602 and it contains amazing literary gems, such as maps, manuscripts, letters, and more. This book features 100 documents that trace the history of reading and writing. Find it at Bas Bleu for $35.00:

1. And last, but not least…you knew this was coming, didn’t you? A book by a favorite author, and naturally I have a great suggestion:

The Worst Noel is my first cozy mystery and features a single mom whose deadbeat ex shows up in town just about the same time the bodies start falling. The main character, Lilly Carlsen, has to deal with her ex, two teenagers, and an aging mother who’s beginning to show signs of dementia. And now Lilly is a suspect in two murders. Christmas is going to be murder this year… Find it at Amazon ( and all other retailers (

Note from Maggie: I just finished The Worst Noel and thoroughly enjoyed it! Perfect gift choice.

Thanks for having me here, Maggie!

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy holiday season!

About Amy

Amy M. Reade is a cook, chauffeur, household CEO, doctor, laundress, maid, psychiatrist, warden, seer, teacher, and pet whisperer. In other words, a wife, mother, community volunteer, and recovering attorney.

She’s also a writer. She is the author of The Worst Noel, The Malice Series (The House on Candlewick Lane, Highland Peril, and Murder in Thistlecross), and three standalone books, Secrets of Hallstead House, The Ghosts of Peppernell Manor, and House of the Hanging Jade. She lives in southern New Jersey, but loves to travel. Her favorite places to visit are Scotland and Hawaii and when she can’t travel she loves to read books set in far-flung locations.

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  1. Thank you for hosting me here today, Maggie. This was such a fun post to write! You know you’re always welcome on my blog–I look forward to having you back!

  2. Thanks for this great gift list, Amy. I’m “shopping challenged” and it definitely helps! Your new mystery sounds like a lot of fun and perfect for holiday stress relief. Good luck with your new series.

    • Thanks, Anne! I love doing posts like this because I can be shopping-challenged, too, and it helps me come up with ideas for people. 🙂 Thanks for your kind words.

  3. Great list! My husband once got me a sweatshirt that said, “So Many Books, So Little Time.” I wore it out. By the way, I’m reading The Worst Noel right now, and I’m really enjoying it.

    • Thank you, Marja! I’m glad you’re enjoying the book and that you stopped by to take a look at my list. I would love a sweatshirt like that–it’s pretty much how I live my life. 🙂