From my TBR List to Yours: What I’ve Been Reading This Summer

I’ve been writing up a storm this summer, but managing to read a lot as well. And that makes me very happy. Here are just a few of the great new-to-me authors I can recommend for your TBR list:

Too Many Women in the Room by Joanne Guidoccio

At a special dinner in a Sudbury, Ontario restaurant, a lecherous photographer who has at some point managed to annoy all the women in the room, winds up dead. Did he provoke one of the women one time too many?

Lottery winner and entrepreneur Gilda Greco needs to protect her business and her investment in the restaurant, so she launches her own investigation. She uncovers the kind of secrets and resentments that can surely lead to murder.

I enjoyed the characters in Too Many Women in the Room and never guessed whodunit, but the clues were there all along. Learning about Northern Ontario and the Italian community—especially the culinary aspect—was a bonus. The author shares the recipes.

Joanne Guidoccio guest posted on this blog on July 26. Read the article here.

More on Joanne and her books.

Moral Infidelity by Rebecca Warner

Moral Infidelity is a well-crafted suspense tale of how a Florida governor’s intractable moral stance collides with his drive for money and power, threatening his marriage and political career.

There’s a great twist!

More on Rebecca Warner.

More on Moral Infidelity.

Money Grab by Frances Aylor

While financial advisor Robbie Bradford grieves after a personal tragedy, her colleague, Vivian Sutherland, steals her top client. When Vivian is murdered, Robbie becomes the prime suspect.

Can Robbie find Vivian’s killer and clear her own name before she’s the next victim of a money grab?

You’ll love this action-packed financial whodunit. Frances Aylor is an author to watch—as is her sleuth, the resourceful and feisty Robbie Bradford.

Disclosure: Frances is a friend from my local Sisters in Crime group. I was privileged to attend her launch party and look forward to many more.

More on Frances and Money Grab.

Arsenic with Austen by Katherine Bolger Hyde

When Emily Cavanaugh inherits a fortune from her great aunt, she expects her life to change. She doesn’t expect to embark on a murder investigation, confront the man who broke her heart 35 years before, and nearly lose her own life.

Emily finds parallels between the characters in Jane Austen’s Persuasion and the characters she suspects are guilty of murder.

Katherine Bolger Hyde has given readers a likeable heroine, intriguing mystery, an Oregon setting, and one of the best romances found in a contemporary mystery.

More on Katherine and her books.

View Katherine’s interview with Kings River Life here.

I met Katherine a few months ago at Malice Domestic.  I liked the premise of her series (Bloodstains with Bronte, #2 in the series, comes out in December.). To create buzz for her new release, Katherine will guest post here on November 29.

The Garden Club Mystery by Graham Gordon Landrum and Robert Landrum

Blurb from Amazon:

Rita Claymore gets things done. The Borderville YWCA would be nothing without her. And don’t forget all that street beautification she has done for the city.

Her main social bailiwick is the Buena Vista Garden Club, founded by her grandmother and now celebrating its status as the oldest such group in the state with a centennial. Rita Claymore also tramples on everyone else to get what she wants; so it is not that surprising when she is found conked with a squirrel ornament in her garden. Harriet Bushrow and Bob Kelsey come to the rescue in investigating the crime and a series of burglaries that don’t seem quite to fit in with the murder.

The Garden Club Mystery is the finale of the Social Club Mysteries series set in Borderville, Virginia (actually Bristol, Virginia and Bristol, Tennessee). I learned of this series from the “Missing Authors Update #4” post on my blog. I publish a recurring series on Missing Authors and readers submit inquiries about the authors they loved who have seemingly vanished, at least from the publishing scene. One of these inquiries was for Graham Gordon Landrum, who died in 1995, leaving The Garden Club Mystery unfinished. His son, Robert Landrum, finished the story.

This is a charming story, told in first person, but from the perspective of multiple characters. While cozy mysteries, especially those set in the South, often feature quirky characters, this author avoided that practice.

The title especially appealed to me, as I once served as Administrator for the Garden Club of Virginia in Richmond. I will add the rest of The Social Club Mysteries to my TBR list.

More on The Garden Club Mystery at Amazon.

If you question my reading the end of a series first, it’s not unusual. In fact, I posted about this very subject last September. Read my article here.

I’m off to a great start on Amy Reade’s Secrets of Hallstead House.

What are you reading this summer?











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  1. Great list, Maggie, and some new additions to my TBR, as well! I like your idea of sharing what you’ve been reading this summer, and I may shamelessly steal it for my own blog at some point.

    And, of course, thank you for the shout-out of my book! I hope you enjoy it.