Introducing Helen Adams: Every Book Group Has Its Character


You’ve met a number of Murder at the Book Group’s characters: Hazel Rose, Vince Castelli, Lucy Hooper, and Kat Berenger. Today I’m privileged to introduce you to Helen Adams. Maybe “privileged” isn’t quite the word I’m seeking. Read on.

Helen Adams is a talented painter and web designer. At one point in the story Hazel Rose is amazed to discover that at one time Helen was a clown who performed for children’s parties. The woman is way too refined to be a clown. Helen is attractive with an almost ethereal blondeness; she favors pearls and lovely georgette blouses. She’s a library hound who drives around with a trunk full of mysteries. And she’s devoted to her son Art who accompanies her to the book group.

Sounds like an interesting person, right? Then why do the other members of the Murder on Tour book group give Helen a wide berth? Did her deodorant expire during the Kennedy administration?

No, Helen’s hygiene is fine. Her problem is that she never heard, or chose to dismiss, the dictate to avoid discussing politics and religion. Instead she endlessly promotes her views and causes. At any given book group meeting she holds the group captive with a soapbox speech. And she doesn’t stop there—if a member isn’t hyper alert, she’ll be buttonholed by Helen during the post-discussion refreshments. To make matters worse, Helen frequently dresses down her son in front of the others.

Does Helen know she’s being irritating? It seems like she hasn’t a clue. Some folks just don’t know when enough’s enough.

Meet Helen and see her in action in chapters 1 and 2 of Murder at the Book Group.

Every group has its character, and Helen is it for the Murder on Tour book group. Does your book group have a character? If you’re free to describe her or him, please do so.

Do you know someone who discusses socially taboo subjects?



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