Introducing Lucy Hooper: Too Perfect? Or Just Perfect Enough?

Le PoufIn Murder at the Book Group I created one especially annoying character. Oh, don’t get me wrong, she’s quite nice, wonderful actually. It’s just that she’s oh-so-perfect. And no can be that perfect. Right?

Meet Lucy Hooper, Hazel Rose’s cousin, friend, housemate, partner in crime solving. Lucy is cool, calm, and collected. When she’s not managing a successful placement firm she’s at home, cooking and baking up a storm or working on her latest knitting creation, clad in a stunning number from her vast wardrobe of at-home wear.

Is she really so perfect? Hazel says Lucy’s the most organized person in the world but she can’t keep track of her keys. I guess that counts as a flaw, but a low level one as flaws go.

Why did I make this woman so perfect? My only explanation is that I didn’t want every character to be quirky. I was going for balance.

Maybe you, my readers, won’t even agree with me—you’ll think “What’s Maggie King talking about? This Lucy’s not so perfect.”

It would be fun to find a shortcoming or two for Lucy. Round her out as a character. My mind is coming up with ideas for upcoming Hazel adventures where Lucy can be really flawed. She could surprise us in countless ways.

Do you know someone who’s just a little too perfect?

I’d love to hear your ideas for un-perfecting a perfect character. What challenges would you give the person? Would you reveal hidden needs, feelings, yearnings, inclinations? The less socially-acceptable, the better!







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