Introducing Murder at the Book Group’s Annabel Mitchell: My Favorite Character


If pressed to name my favorite character in Murder at the Book Group I wouldn’t hesitate for a second—it’s Annabel Mitchell, hands down.

She’s not the most likeable character I created, but she’s oh so interesting. There’s just something about her complexity that draws me to her. Years before, her “dear” husband (she always refers to him as dear) was gunned done and his killer never found. Annabel has been a person of interest to the Charlottesville, Virginia police ever since. She’s a successful writer who pens a gritty detective series set in Charlottesville. Her cop husband helped her launch the series before his untimely death.

Before Carlene married Hazel’s ex-husband she and Annabel shared a duplex in Richmond, Virginia’s historic Fan district (see photo above). Did Annabel see or hear something during that time that might have led to her killing Carlene years later at book group? While investigating Carlene’s death, Hazel comes across one character who tells Hazel about Annabel’s reaction to something Carlene did: “Oh, honey, she was mad as a wet hen. She’s still mad about it to this day and it was a good long while ago.”

“To this day?” But, Hazel thinks, that was at least five years ago. Do people hold grudges for that long?

Hazel is to learn that there are no statutes of limitations on grudges.

The fact that Annabel shows up at Hazel and Lucy’s home on two occasions in a highly fraught state contributes to her being a top suspect in Carlene’s murder. Either that, or she has secrets that she’d just as soon remain secrets.

Did Annabel kill her husband? Did she kill Carlene Arness? And why does a full-time writer need to arrive everywhere dressed to the nines in a power suit and heels with matching purse?

Does Hazel get answers to these questions?

Stay tuned.

Annabel is the last of my book group character profiles. I hope you’ve enjoyed them. To read my snapshots of the other characters, visit these pages: Hazel RoseVince CastelliLucy Hooper, Kat Berenger. Helen Adams, Sarah Rubottom, and Art Woods.





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