Revisiting the Bookstore Cats

WontonLast fall, I posted about bookstore cats. I had a great response from readers—which just goes to prove that people love bookstore cats! So now you have a chance to enjoy reading, or re-reading, about WonTon and Hamilton, two of the best bookstore cats out there.

First, an update on WonTon from Ward Tefft, owner of Chop Suey Books in Richmond, Virginia (or perhaps WonTon is the owner?):

WonTon had quite a year since you put up that post: he came down with a UTI at the beginning of October, and we put him on antibiotics for two weeks. Everything was going smoothly until about 6 days in when he stopped eating his food and started acting weird. We thought it was just the medicine, but then noticed that he was breathing weird. I took him to the emergency vet still thinking it was the medicine but they discovered that he had broken his jaw in two places. So, they wired him up and sent him home with me for 6 weeks. He didn’t like being away from the store, but he did get his own room and plenty of wet food.

We don’t know how he broke his jaw, but it was preceded by WonTon bringing a bird into the store one day, so we are assuming that it was a hunting accident. Oh, the bird lived!

Since getting back on Black Friday 2015, WonTon’s life has been looking up. He has his own line of coffee roasted by Blanchard’s (Hair of the Cat), he has a fancy felt bed given to him by a loving customer, and he has suffered no more hunting accidents.

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