The Skype’s the Limit!

Truckee Book Group

The Truckee (CA) Book Group visited me by Skype on October 22, 2015.

Does your book group love the idea of hosting a favorite author? “Sure,” you say, “But there’s not an author around for miles.”

That’s where Skype enters the picture. The video chat technology brings authors from around the world into your living room, library, or wherever your group meets. And it won’t cost you a penny. You may already be using Skype to visit with faraway family and friends.

I’ve been privileged to be the guest author for two book groups on the west coast and I didn’t have to leave my office in Virginia. I thoroughly enjoyed discussing Murder at the Book Group with these lively and engaged readers. I do miss out on the refreshments but, hey, I can always supply my own treats, right?

Beyond book groups, my local Sisters in Crime chapter schedules speakers via Skype. We’ve met with Karen Solem, a Spencerhill Associates agent; publicist Joan Schulhafer; social media guru Rachel Thompson; and renowned mystery author Rhys Bowen.

As a suggestion, be sure to do a test run before your group meets. Technology is wonderful but it’s prone to errors and flaws that can usually be fixed before it’s “showtime.”

E-mail me at maggie.king @ to set up a Skype visit with your group.

For more information on Skype, including download instructions, click on the image.

skype image

And remember … the Skype’s the limit!


Do you use Skype for your book group or with other group? How do you like the experience?

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