What books are on my nightstand right now?

When Sisters in Crime put out a call to bloggers to participate in a September Sinc-Up, I jumped at the chance. My favorite of the seven questions they suggested is “What books are on your nightstand right now?”

I interpret the question to mean what’s in my to-read stack right now as opposed to what I’m currently reading. My nightstand is over sized and overflowing, but I picked eight books. Eight is my favorite number (the infinity thing, you know).

Here are the eight, alphabetized by author:
Widow’s Tears, Susan Wittig Albert Several years ago Ms. Albert signed my copy of Dead Man’s Bones at Barnes & Noble in Richmond, Virginia. She was very gracious and gave one of the best talks I’ve heard from an author.

Little Women, Louisa Mae Alcott I’ve seen the movie versions but never read the book.

The Little Sister, Raymond Chandler There’s no one like Raymond Chandler. Author Robert Crais cites The Little Sister as one of his major influences.

Night Visitor, Dianne Emley (release date, 9.16.2014—two days away!) I’ve never read a paranormal thriller but I’ve enjoyed Dianne Emley’s mysteries, so I’m looking forward to The Night Visitor.

Sister Aimee: The Life of Aimee Semple McPherson, Daniel Mark Epstein Nearly 100 years ago Aimee Semple McPherson founded the International Church of the Four Square Gospel and housed it in the Angelus Temple in the Echo Park section of Los Angeles. She may have been involved in her own fake kidnapping. Sounds intriguing to me.

Cat Pay the Devil, Shirley Rousseau Murphy (currently reading) I read the first fifteen chapters of this new-to me series on my Alaskan cruise. But I had to return the book to the ship’s library when I disembarked. Now home, I just picked up a copy at my local library. It’s darker than the usual cat “tale.” 😉

Bel Canto, Ann Patchett this has been on my nightstand for years. People rave about it, but I can’t seem to get to it. I will read it. I will.

Amado Women, Desiree Zamorano the story of a woman and her three daughters who take different life paths. I’ve long been drawn to this type of tale that teems with secrets and lies.

What’s in your to-read stack? What do you have queued up on your Kindle/Nook?

I’m tagging writer Heather Weidner. Heather pens the popular blog, Crazy for Words (http://www.heatherweidner.com/blog). Her short story, “Washed up,” set at Chic’s Beach, is part of the Virginia is for Mysteries anthology. She is the heart and soul of the Central Virginia chapter of Sisters in Crime.

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