Word of Mouth: Does It Still Sell Books?

Tell a friend from B. Morgenroth

Does word of mouth still sell books in the e-age? Or is that old-fashioned thinking? See my guest post on mystery author Marilyn Meredith’s blog. Learn what super agent Donald Maass and mystery author/blogger Anne R. Allen have to say on the subject.

I share how word of mouth turned me into a mystery reader, starting with my mother supplying me with the tales of Nancy Drew’s adventures, moving on to my happy years devouring everything Agatha Christie penned, to the many book groups I’ve been privileged to call my own. To this day I share my love of books with my friends and family—especially mysteries. . And my characters in Murder at the Book Group continue this tradition.

It’s all word of mouth. Even in the e-age.

Because, really, the Internet is just one big mouth!

Visit Marilyn’s Musings here. And if you haven’t read her Tempe Crabtree series, you’re in for a treat.

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