Writers Who Kill

coffee cupDo writers use their craft to kill the folks who annoy them?

To quote a one time Vice Presidential candidate: “You betcha!”

When my friend Carol Meaney shared this coffee mug on my Facebook timeline I laughed out loud. Killing by word is not only cathartic but it won’t land a writer in prison. Good for me, because orange is not my new black.

An author I know killed off her main character’s step-sister. As you can guess, this step-sister was modeled after the author’s own step-sister. And the author didn’t hesitate to share the victim’s real-life id with one and all.

But I won’t name the person who annoyed me and ended up a victim in #2 of the Hazel Rose Book Group series. Some things have to remain a mystery!

Have you ever killed a real person using words and your laptop as a weapon? Have you ever wanted to?

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