What do you serve your book group?

Two things you can count on at most book group meetings: books, of course; and food. Some groups meet in restaurants and discuss books over dessert. Some meet at their local library. But most gather in members’ homes and may … Continue reading

Saturday, Sunday, Monday: My Thoughts on This Italian Classic

Charming. Classic. A slice-of-life of a family sitting down to Sunday dinner. The heavenly fragrance of ragu simmering on the stove. I wonder how many theatre patrons made a beeline for the nearest Italian restaurant once the curtain went down … Continue reading

Hazel Rose’s Black Bean Chili

In Murder at the Book Group Hazel Rose needs to take a bereavement casserole to Evan, the victim’s husband (who happens to be Hazel’s first husband). Problem is, Hazel doesn’t “do” casseroles—but she can turn out a mean chili. In … Continue reading