Murder at the Moonshine Inn: Topics & Questions for Discussion

MAMI1.  In Murder at the Moonshine Inn, many of the characters are  focused on money. Some have too little, some too much. Some fear that their money will be taken away from them. How does money define the characters and how does money drive the plot?

2.  Hazel Rose agrees to investigate a murder because her unpleasant cousin is a suspect and she feels she must help him because he’s family. Do you agree that you should do anything to help your family? Do you have your limits?

3.  Many families spar about money, and the families in Murder at the Moonshine Inn are no different. Talk about financial conflicts you’ve experienced in your family.

4.  Roxanne Howard, the victim, was determined to get her own way. Hazel Rose is also determined to seek the truth. Contrast how the two characters achieve their goals.

5.  Hazel and Vince go undercover to the Moonshine Inn, the scene of Rox Howard’s murder. Have you ever played an off-stage role? What was the experience like?

6.  Describe the ways that Hazel and the book group members gather information and how their methods move the plot forward.

7.  Which character in the book group do you most relate to?

8.  What quotes or passages in particular stood out to you? What made you think? What made you laugh?

9.  In a movie version, who would play which roles?

10. How is Murder at the Moonshine Inn different or similar to other mysteries you have read?

11. Were you surprised by the killer at the end of the mystery? What clues were there along the way that pointed to the identity?

12. There are many references to books, especially mysteries. Do you enjoy stories that give you reading ideas?

13. How does your book group choose books for discussion? Is there a theme to your picks like Hazel’s book group?

14. What do you think will happen next to the characters in this series?