Murder at the Book Group: Topics & Questions for Discussion

MABG Front Cover

1.  At the beginning of the story, how would you describe Hazel?

2.  Which character in the book group do you most relate to?

3.  Who were you rooting for romantically in the story – Hazel and Vince, or Hazel and her ex-husband Evan?

4.  Carlene has an extremely turbulent past, which Hazel unveils throughout the course of the book. Do you know anyone like this?

5.  Describe Hazel’s friendship with Kat, and her friendship with Lucy. How does Hazel get along with people who are very different from her?

6.  What quotes or passages in particular stood out to you? What made you think? What made you laugh?

7.  In a movie version, who would play what roles?

8.  How is Murder at the Book Group different or similar to other mysteries you have read?

9.  Were you surprised by the killer at the end of the mystery? What clues were there along the way that pointed to the identity?

10.  How do you usually choose your book group picks? Is there a theme to your picks like Hazel’s book group?

11.  Kat and Annabel have distinctive ways of dressing. How do their stand-out styles shape their characters? Do you have a particular style that people associate with you?

12.  That unholy trinity of conversation topics—politics, religion, and sex—are woven throughout the story. How do attitudes towards these controversial and potentially divisive subjects define the characters and drive the plot?

13.  What do you think will happen next to the characters in this story?