Short Stories

DEADLY SOUTHERN CHARM: A LETHAL LADIES MYSTERY ANTHOLOGY features original mysteries set in the South. The following Sisters In Crime Central Virginia authors contributed stories: Frances Aylor, Mollie Cox Bryan, Lynn Cahoon, Judy Chalkey, Stacie Giles, Barb Goffman, Libby Hall, Bradley Harper, Sherry Harris, Maggie King, Kristin Kisska, Samatha McGraw, K.L. Murphy, Genille Swope Parente, Deb Rolfe, Rod Sterling, S.A. Warwick, and Heather Weidner.

My story is “Keep Your Friends Close”:

When Vicki Berenger is found murdered in her shower, her sister-in-law and best friend team up to hunt down the killer. Their search uncovers a tangle of secrets, scandals, betrayals. 

“Keep Your Friends Close” is set on a hot and steamy day in Richmond, Virginia’s historic Fan District, home of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).

DEADLY SOUTHERN CHARM is available from your favorite bookseller, directly from Wildside Press, or from Amazon.


Cabernet is the star in 50 SHADES OF CABERNET, an anthology of 18 wine-themed mysteries. The stories range from light-hearted puzzles to darker, heavier tales of deceit and murder.

Joining me in 50 SHADES OF CABERNET are these talented authors: Betsy Ashton, Lyn Brittan, Barb Goffman, Debbiann Holmes, Maria Hudgins, Teresa Inge, Jim Jackson, Kristin Kisska, Douglas Lutz, Nancy Naigle, Alan Orloff, Jayne Ormerod, Rosemary Shomaker, Jenny Sparks, Heather Weidner, Tina Whittle, and Ken Wingate.

My contribution to 50 SHADES OF CABERNET is “Wine, Women, and Wrong”:

Tommy Bradshaw has two items on his bucket list: to solve a murder mystery and to marry Camille Pettit. Fat chance of either happening. Then, when Camille attends a wine-tasting fundraiser and the wine merchant is found in the parking lot, impaled by a hunting knife, Tommy gets his chance to play one of the Hardy Boys. In the process of finding the stabber, Tommy is besieged by women: the glamorous and sexy oenophile who’s hell-bent on seducing him; and the cop who would love to woo him away from Camille. In addition, Tommy finds that detecting isn’t as easy as it is in books.

50 SHADES OF CABERNET is available from your favorite bookseller or from Amazon.

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VIRGINIA IS FOR MYSTERIES VOLUME II is an anthology of nineteen stories, set in and around the Commonwealth, feature Virginia landmarks and locations such as Virginia Wine Country, Poe Museum, Luray Caverns, Colonial Williamsburg, Great Dismal Swamp, Nimrod Hall, Barter Theater, and Mill Mountain, to name a few.

I’m privileged to have my story included in this great anthology with Virginia authors Judy Chalkley, Meriah Crawford, Adele Gardner, Debbi Holmes, Teresa Hewitt Inge, Maria Hudgins, Cindy Lane Vivian Lawry, Michael McGowan, Kris Kisska Mehigan, Kathleen Mix, Jayne Ormerod, Yvonne Quinn Saxon, Rosemary Shomaker, Rosemary Stevens, Linda Thornburg, Heather Baker Weidner, Ken C. Wingate.

Here is a synopsis of my story, “Reunion in Shockoe Slip”:

One cold and blustery January day bestselling mystery author Nancy McGregor and Internet security expert Roger Rucker meet by chance in Richmond, Virginia’s historic Shockoe Slip. Thirty years before they were lovers in sunny Southern California. Their reunion sets off a series of memories and events that change their lives forever.



VIRGINIA IS FOR MYSTERIES is a collection of short stories set in and around the Commonwealth of Virginia. All stories are written by Virginia residents with murder in mind. Each author is a member of Sisters in Crime, either the Central Virginia chapter or the Mystery by the Sea (Chesapeake) chapter. Virginia Is for Mysteries can be compared to Chesapeake Crimes, Fish Tales, Fish Nets, or Best New England Crime Stories.

Contributing authors are Meredith Cole, Maria Hudgins, Teresa Inge, Maggie King, May Layne, Vivian Lawry, Michael McGowan, Smita Harish Jain, Jayne Ormerod, Yvonne Saxon, Rosemary Shomaker, Fiona Quinn, Linda Thornburg, and Heather Baker Weidner.

Here is a synopsis of my story, “A Not So Genteel Murder”:

A birthday party at Richmond’s historic Kent-Valentine House sets the scene for this tale of betrayal, loss, and the power of family ties.

Sharon Taylor groans when she receives the invitation to Deb Carnachan’s party at the Kent-Valentine House. She’d rather stay home and watch old movies with her Westies. After two years, Sharon is still reeling from the deaths of her husband and daughter. But she and Deb are friends from way back and so she drags herself to the big do.

When Olivia Thompson’s husband leaves her for a younger woman she’s desperate to snag hubby #2. She invites Sherwood Aimsley to the party and is outraged when he shows up with a statuesque beauty on his arm.

Sharon and Olivia keep each other company while their happier friends whoop it up and spread cheer. Until truth and illusion collide … and the evening ends in tragedy.

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