Introducing Murder at the Book Group’s Annabel Mitchell: My Favorite Character

If pressed to name my favorite character in Murder at the Book Group I wouldn’t hesitate for a second—it’s Annabel Mitchell, hands down. She’s not the most likeable character I created, but she’s oh so interesting. There’s just something about … Continue reading

Introducing Helen Adams: Every Book Group Has Its Character

You’ve met a number of Murder at the Book Group’s characters: Hazel Rose, Vince Castelli, Lucy Hooper, and Kat Berenger. Today I’m privileged to introduce you to Helen Adams. Maybe “privileged” isn’t quite the word I’m seeking. Read on. Helen … Continue reading

Introducing Lucy Hooper: Too Perfect? Or Just Perfect Enough?

In Murder at the Book Group I created one especially annoying character. Oh, don’t get me wrong, she’s quite nice, wonderful actually. It’s just that she’s oh-so-perfect. And no can be that perfect. Right? Meet Lucy Hooper, Hazel Rose’s cousin, … Continue reading