To My Author Mentors: Thanks!

Early in my writing career, I was advised to study the works of other writers. During the years (and years!) of writing Murder at the Book Group I did just that, analyzing the character development, story structure, and styles of … Continue reading

Introducing Vince Castelli: Hazel Rose’s Sort-Of Love Interest

… he’s tall, broad-shouldered, with a shock of white hair and slate blue eyes. Vince’s heady combination of Brooklyn and southern gentleman served him well in law enforcement and in romance. Especially since he wasn’t always a gentleman . . … Continue reading

The Woman in White: Mysteries at Our Own Doors

Romance, mystery, conflict, deception, secrets, and all around evil doings make The Woman in White a page turner. This classic by Wilkie Collins was considered a “sensation” novel when published in 1859 and is now noted as an early example … Continue reading

My Interview with Author Maria Ruiz

Today, I’m privileged to be interviewed by author Maria Ruiz on her blog. Along with asking me about my published works, Murder at the Book Group and “A Not So Genteel Murder,” my story in the Virginia is for Mysteries … Continue reading

Introducing Kat Berenger: Murder at the Book Group’s Wild Sidekick

  She’s wild, she’s sassy, she’s “out there.” Her platinum curls go everywhere. She’s fond of leopard prints and the color chartreuse. She has an easy-come-easy-go attitude where men are concerned and cheerfully acknowledges that she’s not the sort of … Continue reading