Reviews for Murder at the Moonshine Inn

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This is the second Maggie King novel that I have read and I am looking forward to the next one! Sharon Aguanno, Goodreads

When Hazel Rose is asked to look into a grisly murder, she realizes her long lost cousin is the prime suspect. With her book group, she runs into hidden lives, more distant relatives and more bodies – Betsy Ashton, Author of Mad Max Unintended Consequences, and Uncharted Territory, A Mad Max Mystery Mystery

“It’s a fun Fall read, and I highly recommend it!” Bless Their Hearts. Read entire review.

There is humor and suspense, as well as an undertone of sensuality, giving it a slightly rougher edge than most cozies….which did nothing to detract from my enjoyment of the story – Book Babble. Read entire review.

The story is full of twists, turns, and humor, and should please both cozy and traditional mystery fans. Book’s the Thing. Read entire review.

It’s as if Nancy Drew grew up and put together a crew of smart, funny, brownie-baking avengers. – Lyn Brittan, author of the Mercenaries of Fortune Series

Buckle up. Hazel Rose and her book group are not your granny’s amateur sleuths. Southern, sassy, and a wee bit sexy! – Mollie Cox Bryan, author of the Agatha-Nominated Cumberland Creek Mysteries

Cozy up to a delightful cozy mystery. The Cyberlibrarian: Reviews and Views on Current Literature. Read full review.

Colorful characters, dark secrets, and heart make Maggie King’s latest edgy cozy a standout. You’ll be clamoring to join Hazel Rose’s book group – Dianne Emley, L.A. Times bestselling author of the Detective Nan Vining series

This is a great puzzle mystery with many twists and turns.  I didn’t figure out who did it until the end. Lynn Farris: Hot Mystery Review.

A good mystery teamed with humor and characters you won’t forget make this a read that goes down smooth as a mint julep—with a kick! – Sunny Frazier, author of the Christy Bristol Astrology Mysteries

Maggie King delivers another well-written, suspenseful cozy filled with a charming, quirky cast of book-loving characters and a plot that tightens before it ultimately unspools into a surprising conclusion. Kathleen Gerard, Reading Between the Lines. Read full review.

With Murder at the Moonshine Inn, Maggie King has once again created a book group to die for. The investigative techniques and reading choices of Hazel Rose and her friends are equally amusing and suspenseful. – Judge Debra H. Goldstein, award winning author of Should Have Played Poker

Hazel Rose and the women of the book group are at it again, investigating two murders while pretending they are doing nothing of the sort! With suspects and possible motives aplenty, they   have to consider: Was it for love, for money, or for revenge? – Maria Hudgins, author of the Dotsy Lamb Travel Mysteries

A must read for those who prefer homicide served up with a large dose of hilarity. From the opening scene, where Hazel Rose finds herself – against her better judgment – astride a barstool dressed in her most sensuous “ho” outfit, to the grand finale where Hazel again finds herself in an inappropriate place – this time against her will – King masterfully mixes humor with homicide. Five stars! – Ellen Elizabeth Hunter, author of Magnolia Mysteries

Suspense, family secrets, and seduction make Murder at the Moonshine Inn a clever read – Teresa Inge, Virginia is for Mysteries

Murder at the Moonshine Inn abounds with interesting characters, plot twists and turns and unexpected revelations sure to please mystery fans Sybil Johnson, author of the Aurora Anderson Mysteries

“This is an entertaining series that will distinctly appeal to mystery aficionados and book club members” Cynthia Chow, Kings River Life. Read the entire review.

Terrific characters that really crackle and lovely, lively dialogue – C.A. Larmer, author of the Agatha Christie Book Club Mysteries

Settle in and invite your own bookclub to share in this complex and thought provoking multiple murder mystery – Laura’s Interests. Read entire review.

I love complex, twisty plots: family and friends, love and money—and murder! This book has it all – Vivian Lawry, author of Chesapeake Bay Mysteries and Different Drummer

If Hazel Rose could say no, she wouldn’t find herself knee deep in another murder case whose list of suspects includes some of her own relatives. In this rollicking fun read, Hazel and her fellow book group members investigate, exposing one astounding secret after another. The murder count goes up and Hazel discovers she’s destined to be Victim Number Three. This second in the Hazel Rose Book Group mysteries series is clever and charming! I thoroughly enjoyed it! – Marilyn Levinson, author of the Golden Age of Mystery Book Club Mysteries

Maggie King delivers a cracker-jack second episode in the Hazel Rose series. The book group is up to its collective nose in murders connected to Hazel’s new-found relatives–and there are plenty of suspects to go around. – J. R. Lindermuth, author of the Sticks Hetrick crime series

A little edgier than many cozies, with a sensual undercurrent, MURDER AT THE MOONSHINE INN will keep readers turning those pages! Mallory Heart Reviews Read the entire review.

Murder at the Moonshine Inn has everything you’d want in a cozy mystery: an intriguing puzzle, the demise of the despised, and a colorful cast of characters including a nosy book group. The insider knowledge of the mystery world, authors, and books makes it a delight for the addicted reader who wants it all in one clever package. Maggie King writes with grace and humor; you won’t be disappointed. – Lise McClendon, bestselling author of Blackbird Fly

Hazel Rose’s reluctant return to murder investigation will have you flipping pages as fast as you can to reach the solution of this engagingly puzzling mystery. – Karen McCullough, author of A Gift for Murder and Wired for Murder

I liked this book from the outset; there’s a quality to the inner voice and a tongue in cheek humour that I found appealing. It’s an excellently written story drenched in detail that carries the mounting tension along a treat. – Pat McDonald, British crime author

Move over, Jessica Fletcher! Make way for Hazel and her book group of sixty-something women who do more than read mysteries—they solve murders – Mary Miley, author of the Roaring Twenties mysteries

Whodunit? Maggie King did! She’s served up a fun, great read in the Murder at the Book Group mysteries. If you’re a cozy reader, you better join her
group! – Tj O’Connor, author of Dying to Know

Hazel Rose and her book group are back on the case. From the opening scene where Hazel goes undercover, to the final scene where she comes face-to-face with the killer, this story will keep you turning pages. Fun, fast-paced, and well plotted, this is the perfect “cozy” read. – Jayne Ormerod, author of the Blonds at the Beach series

With a likeable heroine, suspicious deaths, feuding relatives, love triangles, and a peppering of literary references, readers will be kept guessing until the final pages of this enjoyable and saucy whodunit. – Kathryn O’Sullivan, author of Foal Play, Murder on the Hoof and Neighing with Fire

Maggie King has achieved what mystery lovers crave: a surprise ending which makes perfect sense. The clues are there, but Maggie’s sleight of hand weaves them skillfully into a story that has readers looking in every other direction. I highly recommend Murder at the Moonshine Inn to anyone who relishes a great mystery. Hazel Rose and her book group have done it again! – Amy M. Reade, bestselling author of House of the Hanging Jade

Hazel Rose makes both a likable main character as well as a delightful narrator, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for what she ends up investigating next! Reading is My Superpower. read entire review.

The author does a great job playing keep away without getting off track, and the injected humor feels natural (and provides oh-so-much fun!) – Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers. Read entire review.

In Murder at the Moonshine Inn, Maggie King distills book clubs, author deadlines, and undercover ops at a redneck bar into a cocktail of pure delight – Diane Vallere, National Bestselling author of the Madison Night Mystery Series

A brilliant, twisty mystery with fun and memorable characters. King is a writer to watch! – LynDee Walker, Agatha Award-Nominated author of Lethal Lifestyles

Hazel Rose and her book club are back for more discussions and sleuthing in Murder at the Moonshine Inn, a good read and fun romp through Central Virginia. Hazel and her friends need to uncover the killer before he or she strikes again and again! – Heather Weidner, author of Secret Lives and Private Eyes

In Murder at the Moonshine Inn author Maggie King’s smooth style and subtle humor has created a well-crafted cozy mystery that is enriched with plot twists, realistic dialogue, home town references and a list of engaging characters that will keep readers turning its pages. – P. J. Woods, author of the Harper Simone mystery novels