Hollywood Huckster is #1

  According to my WordPress year-end stats, my Hollywood Huckster post was my most-visited for 2014. That means it’s worth another look, right? Hollywood Huckster is the true and entertaining account of TV writer Kevin Hartigan, written by his former … Continue reading

Hollywood Huckster

Hollywood Huckster is a sometimes funny, sometimes maddening, always outrageous account of Hollywood television writer Kevin Hartigan. Kevin’s writing partner, David Garber, gives us a light and entertaining memoir of his years with Kevin, replete with anecdotes that showcase the … Continue reading

Don’t Let Your Fiction Suck

Timothy Cooper, an accomplished screenwriter, describes fifteen screenwriting mistakes to avoid. Of course, the same principles apply to fiction writing. I posted this on the Virginia is for Mysteries blog last December, and it’s worth revisiting … Because none of … Continue reading