Missing Author Found!

In January I included mystery author Susan Kandel in my ongoing series on “Missing Authors.” Susan wrote a series featuring Cece Caruso, a divorced ex-beauty queen from New Jersey who reinvented herself as a biographer of dead mystery writers and … Continue reading

What Ever Happened to Gabrielle Kraft?

  Some of you are nodding, wondering what did happen to that wonderful writer. Others of you are knitting your brows, thinking “Who in blazes is Gabrielle Kraft?” Gabrielle Kraft published four mysteries back in the eighties. Her series followed … Continue reading

Discovering a “Lost” Author: John J. Lamb

John J. Lamb was a homicide detective and hostage negotiator in Southern California before retiring to Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley where he and his wife became teddy bear collectors. John also penned a series of mysteries featuring a homicide detective who … Continue reading

Missing Rochelle

Did you ever have a favorite author whose books you devoured? And then she/he up and vanishes? What happened? Sometimes you find out, but more often than not, you don’t. A case in point for me is mystery author Rochelle … Continue reading