Missing Rochelle

Did you ever have a favorite author whose books you devoured? And then she/he up and vanishes? What happened? Sometimes you find out, but more often than not, you don’t. A case in point for me is mystery author Rochelle Krich.

Rochelle first came to my attention in 1995 when I heard her speak at the Women’s Conference in Long Beach. Over the years I read all her books, re-reading a few—they were that good. In 2003 I was privileged to personally meet her at a book event hosted by the Jewish Community Center in Richmond, Virginia.

Rochelle’s first published works were standalones in the mystery/suspense genre. Then she created two mystery series: one features Jessie Drake, a Los Angeles homicide detective; Molly Blume, a true crime journalist also based in L.A., solves crimes in the second series. Rochelle penned a number of short stories that I haven’t read. In most of her work she explores aspects of Orthodox Judaism.

Rochelle seemed unstoppable. She tirelessly promoted her books in the pre-social media days.

But in 2005 she came out with her last Molly Blume adventure, Now You See Me …, and hasn’t published since.

I miss Rochelle and hope she comes back soon.

In the meantime I still have those short stories to savor.

Check Rochelle’s web site at http://rochellekrich.com/. It isn’t updated but her blog postings are some of the best I’ve come across. Most of her books are out of print but you can pick up used copies.


This is the first of a series of “Whatever Happened to …” postings. At this juncture I plan to stick with “lost” authors but don’t be surprised if I venture into other creative fields.


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